About Beyond the Stoplight


Beyond the Stoplight is a resource for parents, caregivers, and educators, designed to create equitable and caring classrooms for all children. The site was started by me, Jen Bradley, after my Letter to Teachers on the Use of the Stoplight post went semi-viral. The original post was published on both WHYY/Newsworks and Germantown Avenue Parents, but given the large response, I wanted to create a community to continue the conversation and share resources. While posting here is not nearly as frequent as I’d like, many additional resources are shared in the BTS facebook community. So please join us there, where the resources shared are both anti-shaming and anti-racist. 


I’m a mother, teacher, and activist. As a classroom teacher, I taught children from two to seven years old in early childhood and elementary classrooms. I’ve also worked as a literacy support and curriculum coach for teachers and students of all ages in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Newark, and Camden K-12 schools. I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at Swarthmore College, and I am a co-founder and core member of the Philly Children’s Movement

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